Orange Rug Yarn


embroidered hamsa The hamsa (also called a hamesh, Hand of Fatima, Hand of Miriam, or Hand of God) is an ancient Middle Eastern symbol for protection from the evil eye. More detals about this symbol is available in my article The Hamsa - Protection from the Evil Eye at the Middle Eastern Culture site on



Use two strands of floss unless otherwise stated.
  1. Trace pattern onto center of cloth using a disappearing or removable mark.
  2. Stitch the outside ring of the hand with Herringbone Stitch in DMC 163 (sage). Form stitches so that the legs of the stitches form about a 30 degree angle with the edges in the straight areas . adjust stitches as needed around curves and edges.
  3. Using DMC 3807 (lavender), stitch the same outline from the back in herringbone so that the herringbone crosses fall in the white space from the sage green herringbones. This is similar to shadow work or double back stitch except that the straight stitches formed by the back of the herringbone stitches on the right side look like a running stitch, not back stitch. Then running stitch to fill in the open spaces between the straight stitches of the lavender herringbone stitches (similar to the second row of Holbein stitch.) This is a very subtle effect and if you prefer, you just stitch along the edges of the sage herringbone stitch with lavender using Holbein stitch or back stitch.
  4. Using DMC 803 (dark blue), stitch the circle of the eye in herringbone stitch.
  5. Using a single strand of DMC 3846 (light turquoise), stitch a row of herringbone stitch over the dark blue herringbone stitch, forming the entire stitch in the space below the bottom cross of the dark blue herringbone stitches.
  6. Still using a single strand of DMC 3846 (light turquoise) use buttonhole stitch around the inside of the circle of the eye; form the straight part of the buttonhole stitch so that it falls in the v left by the dark blue herringbone stitch.
  7. Use a single strand of DMC 3846 (light turquoise) to convert the dark blue herringbone stitch to threaded herringbone stitch.
  8. Chain stitch around the outer edge of the circle of the eye with a single strand of DMC 3846 (light turquoise).
  9. Using DMC 801 (brown), stitch the eyelashes by making very loose straight stitches from each outer dots to the respective inner dot around the eye, then stitch a very small straight stitch along the outline of the eye to hold the eyelash, these will be covered later.
  10. Chain stitch around the smaller eye shape in DMC 801 (brown), stitching over the holding straight stitches from the previous step.
  11. Using DMC (gold metalic), stitch the larger eye shape in herringbone stitch.
  12. Sign your needlework with your initials or symbol (see here if this is a new idea to you.)
  13. Wash and block