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Orange Rug Yarn is a site to encourage exploration of embroidery and other fiber arts. It is one of several sites by Julie Baumler of Julie's personal explorations are documented in Orange Rug Yarn Musings.

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The Story of the Orange Rug Yarn

In the late 1960's my mother was learning to weave and bought 3 cones of yarn from some sort of factory surplus store; one was white, one orange, and one brown. Today, only the largest, the cone of orange rug yarn, in a shade that matches nothing, remains. In the meantime, it has been used for just about every type of craft or fiber art one can think of. My mother used it to weave a very stiff, itchy scarf in an instructional movie she had to make for her MLS degree. The scarf went to her cousin, Eric, who starred in the movie. As kids we used it for all sorts of crafts. My sister and I made yarn dolls by wrapping it around our Dr Seuss books. My entire Girl Scout troop used it to lace our sit-up-ons. We finger knit with it. We made pom-poms with it. We practiced braiding and macrame with it. In high school, I used it to as one of my warp threads to weave a cape. I also made a long yarn clown wig out of it. As an adult, I use it as twine to tie down loads in the back of my pickup. I use it to bundle newspaper for recycling. I've embroidered with it. I've knit with it. I tie up plants in my garden with it. I crocheted my rabbit a harness and leash out of it. My cat plays with it. It's STILL a huge cone of orange rug yarn. This seemingly endless source of yarn in such a peculiar color continues to inspire and challenge me to experimentation and creativity my entire life.